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Sex On Wheels

“Leslie, I don’t think Bob is going crazy. I just think that you are still crazy! And believe me, I am not crazy enough to go to a NASCAR race. One of my goals in life has ‘never’ been to hang out with a bunch of beer belly rednecks at a race track. I’ve heard that the fans not only get drunk for three days, but they get wild. Some even run around naked. We’re liable to get a head trauma injury from an errant turkey leg that was flung into the stands at random. Or we could lose an eyeball from a tobacco chew wad that was spit in our direction. Not to mention the fact that at our age, I think we should protect our hearing. With all of that car engine noise, screeching tires and screaming fans, we could become completely deaf. Why don’t we do a documentary at a swell spa instead?”

Home Sweet Home

“I drove as fast as I could in the conditions. John Boy said, ‘Go figure! This is quite the event. Five old crazy farts taking over a national assisted living home with water guns and exercise bands! This will probably make national news.’”


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