www.queenmotorhome.com was recently reviewed in the 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards and earned high praise. Read below!

25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards Review

“The Reunion presents with a fantastically illustrated cover art design. This was a real eye-catching entry. It deserves a second look. The overall production quality is good—well done here. I wish it had been a tad longer for several reasons. One, because it was just a really great story and I wanted more. Two, because getting to know Leslie and Liz and the story ended on me. Three, because even though the pacing was great and moved at a fast clip, I felt like something was missing. Normally, I’d appreciate the short story, but I just wanted more here. I really loved this story concept and the reunion angle was funny, clever, and well told. The author’s storytelling voice was strong and clear. I really shared the experience with her and it almost didn’t even feel like fiction. I could totally see this happening—maybe even on a movie. No major issues on the technical editing side of things. Just a quality entry by a talented author. We want more! Otherwise, this was a great find and I wish you the best of luck with it. Thank you for sharing your world with us. I got a real kick out of this one.”

Readers have been kind enough to post reader reviews raving about www.queenmotorhome.com. Not only that, but www.queenmotorhome.com has been featured in six national RV magazines.

What readers are saying:

“Funny and timely, this book really hit home with me. I guess it happens to all of us sooner or later: your life just keeps hitting a sour note; the career you worked so hard for over so many years turns and bites you on the leg; the relationships that filled your days with beautiful music are now skipping in a jarring two-note repeat like a scratched record – you get the idea. Who hasn’t had the wild idea of putting her life on hold and hitting the wide open road with her best buddy in tow? And who hasn’t wondered, “what’s the worst that could happen if I did?” Patt Fero’s hilarious book answers that question as she takes her readers on the ultimate middle-age escape fantasy with Liz and Leslie, two women who go for it and become faced with another interesting question: can you ever go home again….and even if you can, do you really want to?” – Amazon

“Fantasizing of escape but booked through 2018 with family, career and community? Here’s a second choice. Plunge into Patt Fero’s funny, riotuous and right-on Everywoman’s fantasy escape to the what-ifs we all dream about. You’ll meet entrancing characters whom we all want to know better including marvelous husbands and children who sustain and appreciate their women throughout the improbable journey. This is a wonderful romp with women friends who truly try their best to elude conventional lives,but persist, even on their break-out, to minister to every person and animal who crosses their path! Can women really escape? Read, laugh and think! Rumor has it that sequels follow!” – Amazon

“I was laughing out loud within the first few pages! This certainly took me for a trip, fantasizing all along about me and my BFF doing this same thing…..just getting away from it all! Loved every single minute of it! And can’t wait to read more about these two crazy characters!” – Amazon

The Reunion is to be the featured book review in the March/April issue of Escapees Magazine. Escapees is a national RV publication with a readership of over 50,000 people per issue.

What readers are saying:

She’s a “Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl”, that’s what Leslie is. And so is her friend Liz. Both children of the sixties, the women travel to their fortieth high school reunion in the Silver Queen Screamer, a refurbished motor home that has already taken them on some mid-life-crisis adventures. But this one would be different.

“Could this be another type of quiet before another type of storm?” Leslie wonders as the two women set out for Jekyll Island, Georgia. And yes, storms are brewing—one off the coast in the form of a hurricane, the others, insides the hearts and minds of the two baby boomers traveling south and back into their high school years.
Leslie was known in high school as the friend who always likes to get something started. But unfortunately, that wasn’t always fun without a price, because as she says, she was also the one “raised on guilt.” The desire to break out of the rut and the tug of a guilty conscience provide the backdrop for an uproaringly hilarious weekend for the two women. From experiencing electrical passions running through her body, to drinking purple moonshine mush from a bathtub, to rescuing lonely dogs, and to birthing babies in a hotel office, Leslie manages to dive into quite a few new predicaments. The hurricane outside blows closer and the one inside forces Leslie to examine “all the everyday things we do in our lives….out of the box just didn’t happen” for her.
Patt Fero has done an excellent job at examining the ruts and routines of our lives and exploring some of the possibilities of daring to change. The Reunion is a fun, sexy, even poignant story of two women whose routine lives collide with a storm of lost loves, raging passions, and growing older. A really fun read.”

– Amazon