“Liz, this is our chance, and you’re coming with me. It’s what we’ve dreamed of for years. Remember, no guts, no glory!” Liz shook her head from side to side. “But Carl and Bob will have pluperfect fits when we tell them all this. And what about our boys?” “We won’t let the men know about any of this until we’re set to go. We’ll find the RV, store it someplace, stock it, learn to drive it.”


www.queenmotorhome.com - Book, Patt Fero

The adventure of a lifetime.

Long time friends Leslie and Liz are smart, talented and successful women. In their mid-fifties, the two have what many in their Baby Boomer generation have striven for: successful careers, beautiful homes, country club memberships, and financial security. In fact, they have everything mature women could want, including loving (if sometimes clueless) husbands. But lately, something seems not quite right. The two self—crowned “Queens” often talk and dream of shucking the mantles of their corporate and suburbia worlds, where people and circumstances require them to pretend to be people they aren’t. And they’ve joked for years about running away in a motor home. But they never did. Until one ordinary day, Leslie discovers she has lost her hard-won corporate job. Pulled between anger over being phased out and the joyous realization that she doesn’t really care, she adrnits to herself that what she really wants is less—less of all the trappings, the things that bind. And she thinks she knows just how to go about creating the life she’s dreamed of for so long. She sends Liz their secret SOS code: www.queenmotorhome.com, and after some impulsive, secret preparations, and brief notes to their families, the two pack up their newly acquired motor home, don their “Queen” tiaras, and begin the long awaited adventure they’ve dreamed of for so long. The road life they adopt teems with new experiences, new friends, and many challenges. Learning about RV’s, campgrounds, CB radios, and truckers takes the two on a rollicking ride filled with laughter, adventure, insights, and a few tears. But that’s not all. For along the way, it is not just their original plans and dreams that are altered. Their very lives and relationships take on new meaning, as well. For what they once thought was the cause of their discontent, proves false. And what they discover about others and themselves, alters the course of their lives forever. But with this experience and adventure comes yet more questions to be answered. Should they stay on the road? Will their husbands ever understand? Will they be safe? What else waits beyond that horizon? And most importantly, can they 01′ will they ever go home again?


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