“‘So, now what, Leslie?’ We’ve met up with Pretty Boy, who I guess is going to explain all of this Hitchcock movie plot, and we escaped without being murdered or raped in the woods. Just another Queen adventure, huh? So, I take it he is indeed going to the reunion, and now we are following him?”


This is a true baby-boomer humor and a light, fun read.

Baby-boomer Queens Leslie and Liz are at it again, on the road sharing another fun-filled, surprising adventure. When they embark on a trip to their fortieth high school reunion on Georgia’s Jekyll Island, a mysterious man frightens them but also excites them, as they discover that he too is attending the reunion. Feeling mired in their lives and on the brink of yet another midlife crisis, Leslie and Liz take journeys of self-discovery when their island experiences and temptations put themselves and their beliefs, values, and commitments to real tests—with their marriages potentially hanging in the balance. The weekend is chock-full of memories, parties, joking, and romantic and sexual encounters as the classmates hunker down for category three
Hurricane Queenie, which makes landfall on the night of the reunion party. While exciting, yet confusing feelings push Leslie to her limits, we are entertained by witty personalities and funny escapades. Old High School chums, girlfriends, and the new mysterious Hunk Man all weave an
intriguing, yet hilarious tangled web. As events unfold on the night of the hurricane, Leslie finds herself experiencing a separate, personal reunion of her own at the high school reunion. Written with a real feel for the high school days of the late ’60s and early ’70s, The Reunion will make readers smile and laugh as they reminisce about their own youthful days and experience self evaluations, inner thoughts and relate to life changes.


  • Patt Fero’s second novel, The Reunion, is a Finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.
  • Also named Honorable Mention in the 2016 Hollywood Book Festival in the General Fiction.
  • Winner In The Women’s Fiction Category In The 2016 Beverly Hills International Book Awards